Temple of Conscious Eroticism

Imagine a world where sexuality is a natural part of life, where humans have a safe space, a temple, to explore their desires, unite in Shakti and Shiva energies, connect to their own divinity to expand their consciousness. In the ancient times, people came to the temples to worship the goddess through acts of sacred sexuality. This was their pathway to spiritual connection.

The Temple of Conscious Eroticism offers a space where sexual energy can form the pathway to spiritual enlightenment, reviving ancient temple practices in a modern context. It is a sacred space where you can reclaim your unbridled pleasure, erotic innocence and orgasmic power.

It is a safe space where you can heal and transmute sexual and cultural shame, where communication, consent, boundaries and respect are paramount. It is a space where we reclaim our relationship with intimacy and erotic innocence as the natural part of life.

Where you can discover and communicate your truth, your deepest desires and needs…
As they dance, develop and awaken the untamed, unbridled, unconditioned truth within you,
Expanding into all aspects of Self:
The sacred and the silly,
The soft and the wild,
The sensual and the sexy
The giving, receiving, allowing and taking…
Uniting and integrating them all into the wholeness of your being.

The Temple of Conscious Eroticism (TCE) is a space where you are invited to follow your moment by moment truth and authenticity. A space where you are encouraged to leave social obligations behind and liberate your sovereign choices every step of the way, where no one is expecting you to be anything that you are not.


This event is run monthly in Melbourne and Sydney and now it’s BRISBANE’S turn!!


You may be feeling soft and vulnerable, yearning for connection and non-sexual but caring touch. You may desire to be an onlooker, a witness, an observer, just curious to absorb the energy in the room. You may enjoy being seen and witnessed in your unbridled erotic expression. You may enjoy connecting with other beings on an energetic level, giving and receiving etheric touch, caressing your aura, connecting third eyes. You may be looking to fine-tune and develop your intuition and the spiritual aspect of connection. You may be yearning to unlock the wildness of your instinctual nature, your inner animal, that has no permission to be expressed in a culture where you have to work from your head and behave in prim and proper ways to be accepted. You may be looking to explore same-sex play or group play for the first time, or over and over again. You are welcome!

You go as far as you would like to go. You can watch, take it all in, express your erotic nature on the dance floor or dip your toes into the land of group-play, join cuddle puddles and sensual massage corners or dare to go all the way with a partner of your choice. Weave your way through the night, always trusting your inner guidance.

You are welcome to join with your lover and exclusively play together, or venture out and explore new things. The choice is yours.Wherever your edge is, whatever your orientation is, whatever feel like doing on the day, you are welcome!


Sunday 3 November 3:30pm - 8:30pm