honouring your body

A Sensorial Journey


devotion to the body

Imagine a space devoted to the worship of the body through self-care, nurturance, and pleasure. A place to feel pampered, cared for, and held safely to uncover the infinite potential in your body. It’s time to harness the power of your inner beauty and sensuality.


Sacred massage rituals


More than a massage, the ultimate in self-care to help ground and uplift, reconnect with the sacredness of your body, and release emotions. Bodywork rebalances your energy, relieves muscular aches and pains, and leaves your body relaxed and revitalised.

With rhythmic flows inspired by ancient Hawaiian temple-styles, Swedish and deep pressure techniques – our full body massage rituals are customised especially for your needs. Your sacred bodywork ritual is unique working to balance and realign energy flow, enhancing mind & body wellness.

Tantra: Sacred Sexuality


Be taken on a journey of deep opening and intimacy with yourself, through embodiment of Sacred Sexuality. Tantric massage provides a portal beyond every day common limits to access your innate pleasure (Eros) through meditative relaxation and expansion into the present moment.

Tantra is an intimate and honouring approach which activates and cultivates your sexual energy, supporting you to change your perception of sexuality and discover a new level intimacy within your body, a feeling that lasts long after the massage is over.

Step into the Tantra Temple

Feel your body, awaken your pleasure and reconnect with your Self through presence and loving touch.

Dive deep into an all-encompassing wellness experience – caring for your body and listening to the needs of your Spirit. Through pleasure and deep relaxation, this full body massage naturally realigns the nervous system, allowing balance and wellness to permeate the whole being.

alchemy of the earth’s healing elements

Through intuition and connection we can physically and energetically unify body, mind and spirit with the land.

The EARTH element is understood as the centre of grounding, support, and the physical body. The element of AIR is connected to the mind, dreaming, inspiration and new life. The WATER element, linked with emotions, is used for cleansing, purification, surrender and flow. The element of FIRE – identified with Spirit – was called upon in ancient smoking ceremonies to transform and release held energy, realigning with passion, desire and vitality.



grounding, support and the body



dreaming, inspiration and new life



purification, surrender and flow



passion, desire and vitality