What is Devotional Bodywork?

A temple space dedicated to self-care, nurturance and pleasure. A place for embodiment, reconnecting with the infinite potential in your body and harnessing the beauty and vital essence of your sensuality. Devotional Bodywork is not about healing, fixing or changing you, rather surrendering to the innate wisdom of your body, and receiving yourSelf through presence and loving touch.

Devotional Bodywork is the worship of the body through the senses.


about Stephanie

Devotional Bodywork is a culmination of my personal devotional journey, my experience as a Psychologist and my training as a massage therapist and sacred beauty practitioner.

I believe there is no greater responsibility than caring for your body-mind-spirit, and this sensorial sacred practice is my offering from my temple to yours.

Why Bodywork?

I remember seeing the word “Bodyworker” for the first time when I was 11 years old on holiday with family in Byron Bay. Hiding amidst all the ads for massage therapy in the classifieds, I had no idea what a Bodyworker was but I felt a powerful resonance with the word.

It wasn’t until my late twenties that I discovered what the practice of Bodywork is and it became pivotal in my own journey of healing physical health issues and emotional patterns. Receiving Bodywork and surrendering to the experience of sacred embodiment helped me to really feel me – one of life’s greatest gifts.

I am deeply honoured to impart the gift of conscious touch, reflecting your own innate beauty and source of pleasure.