Your sensorial experiences

Drawing on ancient bodywork practices, tantric philosophy, psychosomatic therapy, yoga and sacred beauty treatments, our offerings were created to relax the body, balance the mind-soul connection and deeply nurture through elemental wisdom and healing touch.


Sacred Massage Rituals

Under Stephanie’s skilful intuitive touch, you will be guided into connection with yourself through rhythmic flows inspired by ancient Hawaiian temple-styles, Swedish, and Deep pressure techniques. Your senses will be activated, bringing you into presence, and your body treated to a soothing and re-energising experience, working to balance and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body wellness.

Give your body the care it needs, whether it be deep relaxation or cultivating energy; shifting through shadow or luscious pampering; your customised full body massage is designed to ground and uplift, relieve muscular tension and soothe the nervous system, leaving the body renewed and revitalised. Melt into deep relaxation as your body is anointed from head to toe with intuitively selected warm aromatic oils, enlivening your innate sensual nature.

  • Sacred Bodywork 2 hour ritual $190 (all bodies welcome)

  • Mumma Goddess Pregnancy Massage 1.5 hour $180 | 2 hour $210