Tantra Sessions

Tantra is a beautiful and practical spiritual approach that honours the divine in all aspects of life, including sexuality. Tantric Massage is a deeply relaxing and nurturing full body massage, which brings your mind, body, and emotions into harmony. Through conscious loving touch, the tantric massage ritual opens you to FEEL and LOVE more, accessing deeper expanded levels of pleasure and passion in your body, relationships, and daily life.


Tantric Bodywork

Curious to experience tantric rituals and learn tantric practices to improve your relationships and become a better lover? Do you want to explore Sacred Sexuality and open your heart to deeper intimacy? Do you desire to learn how to surrender into the bliss of full body orgasms?

Stephanie is a trained tantra teacher and practitioner, and is passionate about guiding clients on a journey to deeper intimacy and love. Tantric bodywork sessions are a mixture of counselling and education, tantric partner practices, and eros activating bodywork. Sessions can be tailored to your needs and help to:

  • Activate your pleasure pathways and explore your pleasure fully

  • Let go of your mind and surrender into the magic of your body

  • Release stress and unwind

  • Unlock blocked/ stagnant energy

  • Allow Eros to awaken and move throughout your body

  • Cultivate your power and direct your sexual energy throughout your body

  • Return to your natural state of deep relaxation and arousal

Your heart will be honoured with loving presence, and your body treated to a soothing and re-energising experience. Bodywork includes Yoni and Lingam massage within your boundaries and consent.

Appointments by booking only and more information about what is included in your session will be sent via email.

  • All bodies welcome for 1.5 hour | 2 hour rituals


Sacred Sexuality Sessions for Single Lovers

Are you curious about Tantra and conscious sexuality? Do you crave to connect with like minded people and become apart of the Conscious Community in Brisbane? Would you like to experience genuine heart to heart connection with someone who guarantees a safe, respectful, honourable space for you to begin or deepen your understanding? Are you single and feel that may be stopping you from accessing more intimacy in your life? 

Couples sessions are now being offered in Brisbane to single people. You can enjoy the sacred connection created in a typical couples session, and we supply the partner! You are not required to be in a relationship to benefit and experience pleasure from these heart opening, kundalini stirring sacred practices. 

Step into a space created just for you and meet your Shiva or Shakti (we provide for you). You will be guided by an experienced Tantric Arts Facilitator, to a safe, honourable space where your heart can open to give and receive more love! 

Sessions are tailored around you and may include:

• Learn how to connect fully, with a lover

• Learn how to create and maintain boundaries and consent 

• Learn how to honour others boundaries and respect if consent is not given

• Allow your heart to express

• Learn to hold space for others to express their heart feelings

• Give and receiving pleasure for pleasures sake

• Give a sensual massage 

• Unlock creative potential in your life

• Allow new opportunities to flow into your realm

• Feel alive and sexy and sacred!

All practices are played with within your boundaries and clothing remains on. Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and are located in Fortitude Valley and Jamboree Heights, Brisbane.

Be honoured…


Tantra Goddess Sessions

A series of 3 tantra sessions for Men to learn techniques to be a better lover, last longer, learn to give a tantric massage, and increase the depth of intimacy in your relationship bringing renewed passion to your love life. These structured sessions are carried out in a professional and authentic way that honours the legacy of Tantra, ecstatic Sexuality and modern sexology, in accordance with the Australian School of Tantra.

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